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These are community challenges that we are addressing they usually require neighborhood-primarily based options. Sonoma County Animal Services’ public shelter remains open to the public but no adoptions will be allowed today.

We continue accepting consumption of misplaced and surrendered pets however are asking neighborhood members to help us restrict intakes to the most at-risk animals for which no different options can be found. Finders are being requested to assist with reunification of wholesome and friendly found pets. Owners are being offered assist to help them hold pets or assist with self-rehoming, which ensures that the animal remains in a house with loving homeowners till a brand new home is secured. When finders and house owners are unable to hold onto the animals, they arrive into the shelter and most transfer quickly into foster homes. All are routed on a pathway toward the best consequence.

Since creating partnerships for cat adoption applications with over a dozen participating native pet stores, we now adopt out extra cats than canines. A portion of the donations from the pet stores participating in the Cat Adoption Program are utilized to fund the personnel and expenses to function and expand this system and get more cats adopted. All donations received from the cat adoptions are positioned in the Animal Welfare Trust Fund. Find and adopt a pet on-line or from one of the City’s animal shelters. Check out our Second Chance Dogs, a new adoption program for canine which have coaching needs.

The men and women of PCSO Animal Control are devoted to enforcing the County’s Animal Control Ordinances and the State’s Dangerous Dog Statutes, all through the county. Animal Control Officers investigate bite circumstances and harmful canine circumstances. We also choose up sick or injured canine or cats, quarantine animals, and adopt healthy pets to our residents.

animal services

The Shelter’s additional cleansing and decontamination efforts from current cases of the canine parvovirus are ongoing. The Shelter will open for adoptive providers as soon as all canine are cleared and it’s secure to undertake out dogs. For Orange County Animal Services, providing a foster care program that places pets in temporary homes until prepared for adoption saves hundreds of lives yearly.