This time we will discuss carelessly. Of course, this is a natural activity for puppies because at their age they have teeth that are still growing. This growth of teeth will make the teeth painful and itchy so they look for things to bite.

Not only toys or sandals are targeted, but sometimes the owner’s feet or hands are targeted. Although the bite is not very strong but if ignored can make the long term an aggressive dog. You need to teach him how to keep him from biting people or things other than his toys.

How to Teach a Dog to Stop Biting Things

So, how do we teach dogs to stop biting things in our homes? For a puppy or puppy, when he bites an object, immediately take the item and replace it with a dog toy (chewtoy). This will reduce his habit of biting the items he finds. Some dog trainers also teach by using ice cubes because it can reduce the pain in the newly growing teeth.

Another easy way is when you invite him to play with the dog and then the dog bites your leg or hand then immediately say “ouch” or “no” and end playing time with him. This will affect the psychological not to bite again.

For puppies who are playing together, when one of them is bitten and feels sick, it will stop the game, as well as you because you need to teach it from an early age.

You can find other substitute toys for the bite material. This method is very easy considering that dogs in their growth period need objects that can reduce the itching.

These few simple steps can help you to stop your dog from having a bad habit. How to train dogs not to bite this item is adapted by professional dog training abroad. You can also train your dog to be even better at home or with his environment.