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D-Day converts Flounder’s brother Fred’s damaged automotive into an armored vehicle. They disguise it inside a cake-shaped breakaway float and sneak into the annual homecoming parade. As they wreak havoc on the occasion, the futures of a number of of the student major characters are revealed using freeze-body labels. Most of the Deltas turn into respectable professionals while the Omegas and the other adversaries endure less lucky outcomes.

The Deltas are despondent, however Bluto rallies them with an impassioned speech. They determine to get revenge on Wormer, the Omegas, and the faculty.

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Outraged by his spouse’s escapades and the mayor’s menace of private violence, Wormer organizes a hearing and revokes Delta’s constitution. To take their minds off their troubles, Otter, Boon, Flounder, and Pinto go on a road journey. Otter picks up four young ladies from Emily Dickinson College as dates for himself and his Delta brothers by posing as Frank Lymon, the fiancé of a school pupil who died in a latest kiln explosion. They cease at a roadhouse bar where Otis Day’s band is performing, not realizing it has an exclusively African-American clientele. A couple of hulking patrons intimidate the Deltas and they quickly depart, smashing up Flounder’s brother’s car in a haste and leaving their dates behind.

“Pinto” was screenwriter Chris Miller’s nickname at his Dartmouth fraternity. DeWayne Jessie adopted the “Otis Day” name in his non-public life and continued touring with the band. Belushi initially received solely $35,000 for Animal House, but was paid a bonus after the movie became a success. Landis also met with Meat Loaf in case Belushi turned down the function of Bluto. Landis worked with Belushi on his character, who “hardly had any dialogue”; they decided that Bluto was a cross between Harpo Marx and the Cookie Monster. Belushi stated he developed his ability to speak with out talking because his grandmother spoke little English.