Tennessee Animal Abuse Registry

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Cruelty and neglect cross all social and economic boundaries and media reviews recommend that animal abuse is common in both rural and concrete areas. Violators of the PACT Act may face a fantastic, a prison term of up to seven years, or each.

Marty Irby ‘tiger King’ Pushed Authorities To Take Action In Opposition To Animal Abuse Now It’s Congress’ Flip.

Animal advocates think about factory farming practices like debeaking, using veal crates, or tail docking to be animal abuse, but these practices are exempt from many state anti-cruelty statutes. They’re allowed as a result of they’re considered to be … Read More

Tennessee Deputy Canine Rescues Lacking 6

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Your donation, no matter the amount, goes instantly in the direction of bringing peace to the canine in our care. If you have a specific merchandise you would like to donate in the direction of – meals or drugs for example, please specify this in the notes together with your transaction or contact us directly. Our aim has always been to provide the absolute best care for the animals in our community. The TMTRD Animal Hospital will additional our mission in doing just that, and do it whereas saving prices lengthy-time period. Our clinic is free of charge … Read More